Garlic Producciones, Spain
Alvaro Gorospe, Executive Producer

Everything was perfect! I never felt so confident with production service anywhere in the world.

Lola Madrid, Spain
Elena Carrasco Palasi, TV Producer

Thanks to all the team for a nice stay in Cape Town and a great work experience. It has been a great experience shooting with Lucky Rabbit Films in Cape Town. We are all happy with the result and the whole process has been highly professional. Garlic and Lucky Rabbit Films were a really great team for this project and we are sure the campaign we are about to deliver for Cornetto will be quite remarkable for all of us.

AbigaiI Tarrant, TV Producer

We had a marvelous three day shoot with Lucky Rabbit Films. They were efficiency personified and a joy to work with from beginning to end, and were on top of everything. The shoot couldn’t have gone better and I’d certainly be very happy to work with them again.

Joyrider Films, UK
Matt Westrup, Director, Joyrider Films, UK

Lovely as Cape Town was, Lucky Rabbit Films made shooting there a joy!

HAVAS Worldwide, New York
Martin Babitz, Producer,

I wanted to say thank you on behalf of HAVAS. It was a great job, a fun piece of creative, and the clients were really, really happy with it. It was amazing, and a testament to your professionalism and work ethic that we were able to go through from treatment, bidding, production and post with us barely hitting a bump. It was a pleasure to do this with you guys.

Rock Hound, UK
James McLaughlin, Producer

Lucky Rabbit delivered faultless, stress-free production on every level. Their diligence and professionalism is matched, in equal measure by their charm and infinite cool. We can’t wait to shoot with them again.

Plan B, Switzerland
Chris Niemeyer, Director

Challenging storyboards & tight timing: No worries, thanks to the speed, the charm and the reliability of the Lucky Rabbits! Anytime back in Cape Town, it’s going to be with you and your team! Big up!

Freelance Producer, L.A.
Francine Weiner

… Thank you for welcoming me. I feel as though I have made new friends that I will cherish! You have amazing style and grace under fire! I hope that this is just the beginning of a lasting relationship!

Arpel Films
The Arpel Films Team, France

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to discover some wonders of Cape Town and we really long to come back and with you again!

The Lola Team
Elena Carrasco Palasi, TV Producer, Lola Madrid, Spain

A greatly produced commercial for a great start. Thanks for all! – The Lola Team

Joyrider Films, UK
Spencer Friend, Executive Producer

This is nothing less than an excellent job again by you. Thank you so much! I love the honesty and transparency, and needless to say but you have our loyalty for the next one of course, Your biggest fan, Spencer.

KRONCK (Max Gerlach and Jessica Benzing)
Director team, Germany

We’re looking so much forward to coming back to Cape Town and to work with them again.

Director, Canada
Robin Hays, Director

What a lovely experience. I want to go back sooner than later. Thank you again for everything, I really appreciate it.

Buddy London, UK
Tessa Mitchell, Managing Director / Producer

Lucky Rabbit were a breathe of fresh air, their professionalism and attitude to the job was fantastic. A real pleasure to work with you! The Rabbits do bring you luck, and I look forward to working with them in the future.

KRONCK (Max Gerlach and Jessica Benzing)
Director team, Germany

Working with Lucky Rabbit Films is an enormous pleasure! During the whole production we felt comfortable, every little thing was taken care of and they organized the most professional and fast crew one can imagine. In addition to that they gave their heart, personality and private time into the project, which makes it very special and never leaves you with he feeling of being one amongst hundreds.

Director, USA
Ace Norton, Director

I had the time of my life out there with you guys. Thanks so much for all the hard work and such an incredible job. The film is going to be next level. I can’t wait to work with you all again!!!

The Mill, UK
Richard de Carteret

I have been involved with numerous productions in South Africa and the Lucky Rabbit Team are phenomenally good, lead a very smooth and professional team who really delivered. It was a joy which I look forward to experiencing again in the future.

The Mill, UK
David Fleet

I say without reservation that you guys have set the new benchmark. This was the smoothest running shoot I have ever been involved with. There’s nothing “Lucky” happening here, it’s all down to hard work and meticulous planning from you guys, although you’d never know it as you made everything look so effortless. I can’t wait to work with you again.

Satellite My Love, France
Omar Cabbabé, Producer

It was a great shooting experience and we hope to come back soon.

Arpel Films
The Arpel Films Team, France

Lucky Rabbit Films is a great production company, very professional and super friendly, you know exactly how to welcome and greet your Clients. The way you handle production was highly professional and made us very confident. The people you teamed up for us were perfect and we never had such an easy experience in filmmaking before.